iSchool Bambisana

Bambisana means ‘working together’ in Zulu. We created Bambisana in collaboration with safari lodge owners and their guests to change the lives of primary school children in and around the lodges’ communities.


How it works

Safari lodges are often an important part of rural areas - as employers, magnets for tourists and key players in wildlife and environmental conservation. Many lodges support community development in all sorts of different ways. Bambisana offers lodges and their guests a unique opportunity to equip schools with learning resources that will create a brighter future for hundreds of children.

For guests, donating to Bambisana provides schools with not just transformational learning tablets and teacher training but with a path to a whole new future. For lodge owners the initiative develops a lasting relationship with their guests whilst building on existing community links.

How it all began

Bambisana was born when Riccardo Garbaccio, owner of Kanyemba Lodge in Zambia's Lower Zambezi, bought Mwabu e-learning tablets, projectors and solar units for his local school, the Mafungauntsi Basic school. Some of the units he funded himself and some were funded by donations from his lodge's guests. Before the tablets were introduced in the classrooms, teachers received Mwabu’s extensive teacher training. So far both pupils and teachers enjoy learning with the Mwabu tablets and attendance of both has already increased!

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Improving education

Across Africa, real progress has been made to achieve the goal of free primary education for all. But the challenge is huge and resources limited. Over 40% of children drop out of school before the end of primary school, leaving many unable to read and write. There is a chronic lack of trained teachers, equipment and books that is only going to get worse as the population continues to grow. Therefore, we started Bambisana to collaborate with safari lodges and their guests to create a brighter future for hundreds of children in Africa, which we can all be part of!

Whether you are an individual donor or a safari lodge owner, please get in touch with us to find out more about how to become a Bambisana partner by emailing us on

Whatever you can give will go a long way!

Hear teachers and pupils describe the impact that our tablets have had on learning at their school! The tablets were bought by Kanyemba Safari Lodge for their local school.