Payment Options

The cash price for our home tablet is K2,050 and the teacher tablet costs K2,560. There are also payment options available:

1. DDAC payment plan. This is a three-month payment plan and the home tablet costs K2,360. The requirements for this include K900 cash down payment for the first month with the remaining balance paid within two months. The customer will need to fill in two forms, letter of agreement and DDAC form. They will also need to attach a copy of their latest payslip and NRC. Once the forms are verified and the K900 paid, a customer can walk away with the tablet. The process takes 1-5 working days.

2. Civil Service Plan. This plan does not require a cash deposit. Our target group is mainly civil servants. This group has 2 payment plan options, either pay for the home tablet in 3 months at a cost of K2,360 or pay in 6 months at a cost of K2,840. All they need to do is fill in the letter of agreement and civil service scheme form, attach their latest payslip and a copy of their NRC. Once forms are complete and verified, the tablet can be collected.

3. Lay-by can be done at our shop at Manda Hill or through direct bank deposits. The cost of the home tablet is the same as a cash payment of K2,050. A customer can pay for the tablet up to a period of 3 months but the collection of the tablet can only happen once payment is complete.

Download the forms here:

What happens if payments default?
It attracts interest. the longer a customer defaults, the more interest he/she is required to pay especially when they haven’t made any effort to call us and explain what the problem behind their default is, in this case no interest is added.

Our credit terms are offered at any of our selling points i.e. our shop at Manda Hill, or from our kiosks in different malls (East Park, Woodlands, Kafubu and Cosmopolitan). Credit terms are also offered from our head office along Independence Avenue. Customers can also download the forms here, or request that we email the forms to them. Once they fill them in, the forms can be scanned and sent back to us via email or one of our sales agents can visit the customer’s workplace place to pick up the forms as well as deliver the tablet.