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iSchool Zambia has partnered up with Zayo Hub on a project that aims to achieve transformational change in remote rural areas in Zambia, this will include:

·       Provision of solar power, telecom and internet connectivity, and digital content for schools, health and community interest;

·       Outreach to support the uptake of new opportunities, focusing on entrepreneurship, primary education, rural livelihoods and women’s inclusion

iSchool Zambia will be providing curriculum-aligned teaching and learning resources, assessment tools, devices and hardware, as well as continued training and mentoring for teachers through the Mwabu Academy.


How it works

Mwabu Academy’s training courses and on-going mentoring support build teachers’ capacity to use these innovative teaching methods, and enable all learners, even those in large classes, to progress through being actively engaged and focused.

Justin Reilly, CEO, Mwabu Group Limited (Parent company to iSchool Zambia), “The Zayo Hub Project is an opportunity for Mwabu to show how EdTech and digital education plays a pivotal role in community-based projects. We provide one example (and not the only example) of why basic infrastructure can lead to improved life chances for not just children in rural Africa, but parents and leaders as well. Our unique focus on improving teaching and learning by delivering high quality and contextually relevant eLearning, with world class professional development and assessment enables us to work closely with local officials to track attainment and curriculum coverage. We are very excited to be able to work alongside the Zayo Hub team and local stakeholders.”

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